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The BJP on Thursday slammed the Congress over its leader Salman Khurshid reportedly comparing Hindutva with the jihadist Islam of terrorist groups such as IS and Boko Haram in his latest book. Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia, addressing a presser at the BJP headquarters here, went so far as to say the Opposition party was “weaving a web like a spider” against Hindus.

A Delhi-based lawyer has filed a complaint with the Delhi police seeking registration of an FIR against Mr. Khurshid in the matter.

According to lawyer Vivek Garg, Mr. Khurshid, in his book Sunrise Over Ayodhya: Nationhood in Our Times, wrote: “Sanatan Dharma and classical Hinduism known to sages and saints were being pushed aside by a robust version of Hindutva, by all standards a political version similar to the jihadist Islam of groups like IS and Boko Haram of recent years.”

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